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Collect, play, and trade NFT cards of your favourite VfL Wolfsburg players. First pack is FREE.
Official FANZONE partner
Official FANZONE partner
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Join fantasy sports challenges to earn rare cards and rewards


Scout cards with potential. You know the game: Buy low, sell high

FANZONE keeps it green: Fan activity on our platform supports sustainable sports and environmental projects.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”.
In economics, a fungible (replaceable) asset is something whose value can be exchanged, such as money.
In the case of money, you can exchange a €10 bill for ten €1 coins, and the value remains the same.
However, if something is not replaceable because it is unique, it is “non-fungible.”
Many works of art, such as paintings, are unique. You can take a photo of the painting or buy a copy, but there will always be only the one original. In the digital world, these unique assets are called NFTs.
They can be bought and sold like any other object, but they are not tangible.
However, since digital files can be duplicated endlessly quite easily, there are digital tokens (certificates) that function as ownership certificates for virtual assets. NFTs thus remain unique and forgery-proof.

Start stacking your deck

Your VfL Wolfsburg NFT cards are just a couple of clicks away. First collection is free.
Start collecting cards now and get a free pack!

Use your cards to win prizes

FANZONE cards don’t just collect digital dust. You can use them to compete in contests for prizes like VfL Wolfsburg match tickets and apparel. The stronger your cards, the better your chance to win.
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