Possuir os primeiros colecionadores digitais (NFTs) de Andreas Brehme. Legendary in Italy and most famous for scoring the game winning goal for Germanyin the 1990 World Cup Final.


Discover Andi Brehme’s career through his first NFT collection, including exclusively recored video footage of him sharing his best personal memories.

You’re about to witness football history like never berore of one of the most remarkable players of the 90s.

As coleções apresentam os destaques de sua carreira do FC Bayern de Munique (1987), Inter de Milão (1989 & 1991), Copa do Mundo 1990, 1. FC Kaiserslautern (1996 & 1998)

Cartões Retro.

Remember the football stickers of your childhood? The future is digital! Own Retro Player Cards of Andi Brehme?s career stops and discover his stories about Uli Hoeneß in München, Giovanni Trapattoni at Milan and Kaiserslautern?s coach Otto Rehhagel.

Cartões de ação.

Durante sua carreira, Andi jogou por times icônicos como Inter e Bayern.
With different action cards we?ll take you down memory lane: Do you remember the magic days of the 1990 World Cup in Italy? Who would have expected two titles from Kaiserslautern in the late 90s?

Camisolas 3D.

Now you can own one of Andi?s legendary jerseys as a 3D NFT and it even comes as a ?Phygital? (combination of physical and digital). Win the auction on Binance and receive a signed original jersey, plus the NFT as proof of authenticity.

Caixa misteriosa na FANZONE.

Surprise, surprise: For the first time ever you can buy a Mystery Box on FANZONE.Inside you have the chane to find one of 16 unique NFTs or even a physical signed jersey of Andi Brehme. Good Luck!

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Cartões Retro


Retro Cards Videos Wood


Retro Cards Videos Wood



Retro Cards Video Collection Neon (incl. Exsclusive Interview)


Action Cards Video Collection 2 (incl. Exsclusive Interview)


Jersay Video Collection 1 (incl. Exsclusive Interview)

Conheça a Lenda.

?Winning the European Cup with Inter is like winning the lottery.?

Andreas ?Andi? Brehme , born 9 November 1960, is a German football legend that has won numerous titles. A versatile attacking full back with an eye for goals, Brehme was capable of playing anywhere along the flank on either side of the pitch, and was known for his crossing ability, ambidexterity and his accuracy from free-kicks and penalties.

At international level, he is best known for scoring the winning goal for Germany in the 1990 FIFA World Cup Final against Argentina from an 85th-minute penalty kick. At club level, he won the Bundesliga title with Bayern Munich (1987) and 1.FC Kaiserslautern (1998) as well as the DFB-Pokal in 1996. In Milan he?s an icon since he helped bringing back the Scudetto in 1989 and winning the UEFA Cup in 1991.


Seja um dos primeiros a possuir um imitado colecionável de Andreas Brehme