In the following sections we’re going to talk about how we enable our vision and where we are right now with our development.


Our vision


We believe in the power and positive impact of fans and want to offer users a pleasant and easy-to-use fan experience without technical hurdles – yet with the potential of true decentralization in one system.

We want users to be able to decide, depending on their technical know-how, whether they simply log in via email, social media account or crypto private key (e.g. though MetaMask).

What is called NFTs today is still far below the true potential of NFTs. We are working on creating a social network between fans and their favourite stars with our Digital Collectibles. These offer much more than just collecting and trading, it’s about a broader user experience and utility in an open ecosystem.


Our main guidelines


We already deployed a good number of cards from Fanzone as NFT 1.0 on LUKSO’s L14 Network. In the future, these will be metacards in this environment and will show up in our app, specifically in the card details page.

After that, the next step will be to enable users to create a decentralized universal profile. We have more details coming later, but since NFT 1.0 standards are quite slow to transfer on the Blockchain we’ll re-deploy all cards with the new NFT 2.0 standard. This includes processing meta transactions that enable a fast re-deployment yet still on the L14 beta network.

As you’ll see, we already built the first bridges between the central app and the Blockchain. Initially the central app makes the Blockchain the mirror and therefore showing transparency of a scarcity and the ownership of your cards.

As soon as we re-deploy on the mainnet we will shift to have the Blockchain being in the lead and a single source of truth. At that time the ownership of cards in the central database will follow and sync from the Blockchain.



Built for LUKSO


We are building and developing with LUKSO, as their vision is highly compatible with ours and the technology is advanced. The LUKSO blockchain is for a new digital economy and physical and digital consumer goods (more info in this Forbes’ interview). They will be public, permissionless and highly decentralized with tens of thousands of possible validator nodes. This guarantees a lifetime availability for all your assets on the Blockchain. It’s all based on ETH 2.0 technology like Casper, fully EVM compatible and open source.

Tech lead Fabian Vogelsteller had the right ideas as author of Web3.js, ERC20 standard, MIST and as Ethereum tech lead. Now LUKSO is once again proposing something even better: through the Universal Profile Standard, LSP1 and ERC725, the Blockchain can become a decentral social network, creating digital reputation without a central instance.

LUKSO is currently running it’s beta network L14 and L15. Their follow plan is to spin up L16 and finally the Mainnet.

So, our NFTs, Universal Profiles for FANZONE users and other smart contracts are also still being deployed on the beta network – and everything owned will be re-deployed on the main net once it’s live.



NFTs 1.0 – Our first deployed NFTs on L14



Our first version of NFTs already enhances the typical NFTs by all the functionality needed to be stored, shown and transferred from and to Universal Profiles.

Our first version is lacking the unique Mint ID users get to see in the FANZONE APP and the transfer of cards is similar to current ERC20 or ERC721 only one by one – which makes it super slow for migration – as our users already have more than hundred thousand cards.

We started with the NFT 1.0 standard built on LSP4 to make our NFTs User Profile ready to test a bridge from our APP to generate and transfer ownership to the L14 Beta network.

In addition, we are now creating automated User Profiles directly from the APP. This is still in testing right now.

  • Energy efficient: Our NFTs are based on an ETH 2.0 Blockchain, saving 99.9% of energy compared to Ethereum. Our ECO-NFTs, build for energy efficient ETH 2.0 Network. Our NFTs project is built for a high utility, run on a performant but energy efficient Blockchain. For us this means not using Proof-of-Stake. Those use at least only 0.1% of the energy of current Ethereum Mainnet NFTs. This is at least 1000 times less, most likely 10 000 times.
  • Connected to Creators: Our NFTs are connected to its stars, athletes, teams, leagues & cause profiles.
  • More Images, Videos & Stats: Our NFTs can contain a series of images & videos on IPFS as well as statistics with it’s own ERC-725Y smart contract.
  • Ready for Universal Profiles: Our NFTs work on Universal Profiles, ready to be shared.

By clicking here, you can see some examples.



NFTs 2.0 – Our implementation is ready


In parallel, we worked on our implementation of NFTs 2.0, which also went hand-in-hand with the joint standard development of LSP-8 together with LUKSO.

Here, immense speed improvements were integrated in order to be able to synchronize the current ownership, which is currently still stored centrally, in batches on the blockchain.

Our NFTs 2.0 are the advanced development for future-proof and high-utility NFTs.

We developed the standard they are based on together with the developers of LUKSO, lead by Fabian Vogelsteller.

The features of our implementation include:

  • Truly unique: Each NFT stores it’s unique data, including it’s mint (token) ID, scoring and optional additional ERC725Y smart contract.
  • Upgradeable: Each NFT can be upgraded through various game modes and enhanced by any data.
  • Faster with batching: NFTs can be deployed though batching functions, meta transactions and therefore gas stations.


Which is our progression on this?

We’ve built a standard with LUKSO called LSP-8-Identifiable Digital Asset, see it on Github.

On top of that we developed our implementation of it, specific to our use case of digital collectibles. See a first live NFT 2.0 alpha on FANZONE Universal Profiles, Universal Profile Cloud and on Blockscout.



NFTs – The next features

While the NFT 2.0 with the above-described features is implemented based on its draft status, we are already working on the next features:

  • Built-in Price & revenue share: Our NFTs let the user store it’s market price right in the NFT, a sale includes a revenue share to the creators.
  • Unlockable Content: Our NFTs will enable unlockable content for owners like tickets, meet&greets or high-res.



Universal Profiles – Connecting Fans with each other and their favourite stars

Every fan and every star, athlete, team and entity gets their free and on-chain public universal profile created within the FANZONE App. This is fully decentral and therefore available for a lifetime.

Our Universal Profiles are created by us for our users without any technical hurdles or knowledge of blockchain right from the FANZONE App. They are fully based on the Universal Profile standard by LUKSO, originally proposed as ERC725 and now evolved as LSP1 to 3.

This creates a fully decentralized social network.


Here our example: 

Universal Profiles (ERC725/LSP1) are truly decentralized, here you can find Toni’s profile on Universal Profile Cloud and FANZONE Universal Profiles. They share the same data with no central system or database in common.




  • We are able o auto-create Universal Profiles from within the Fanzone App on the Beta Network L14.
  • Thanks to this, we are about to whitelist the first users for this feature before 2021 ends.
  • Only after we deployed all cards as NFT 2.0 we will whitelist all active users.
  • While the alpha implementation of the NFT 2.0 standard was done in the draft status, we would now deploy those on the beta network for our digital trading cards.


Fanzone Token

We are in the process of evaluating the possibility of creating a Fanzone Token which can be used to buy the NFTs.

As this has lots of regulations in Germany and we have to identify and discuss with legal and German BaFin about the corresponding laws, there is nothing concrete to share yet. When this step is complete we may be able to share more about this process.



Monetarization through External Market Places & Affiliate.js

Once our NFTs are on the main net, we will be able to offer our active users a non-custodian way to handle their Universal Profiles. This way they will be able to offer their NFTs (based on respective laws) on external marketplaces.

Any marketplace on LUKSO compatible to the Digital Collectibles standard can be used.

Additionally, as we are adding the built-in price for NFTs, those can even be offered on websites and blogs, simply by embedding them through an Affiliate.js (like you know it from YouTube videos etc.).

This way, for a sale the athlete, team, league, Fanzone and even the embedding page will be able to get a very small revenue share.

An NFT can even be visible to be on sale on various marketplaces at the same time.