How to find and buy my first digital collectibles?

Get NFTs from your favorite team in just 3 steps!
Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • How to find Fanzone packs from different zones.
  • Where to know the details about the NFTs they contain.
  • The best ways to purchase them.
Step 1

Open the Home menu to see the whole list of different zones you can visit and choose your favorite one.

Step 2

Once inside the zone, you’ll find an overview of the available NFTs packs in the Explore section.

Just click on the pack that calls your attention!
Step 3

Keep an eye on the packs descriptions to know how many chances you have to get cards from our different rarities: Legendary, Epic, Rare or Common.

Step 4

Once you finished the payment process, it’s time to check on the NFTs you got!

Visit the Collect section in the zone you purchased the pack, switch the indicator from Cards to Packs, and enjoy the unboxing 😉

Well done! You can have your first NFTs 🎉

Try these steps in the Fanzone App [CLICK HERE]

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And also learn more about how to get started with Fanzone [CLICK HERE]

If you have further questions, just reach us at

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