How do I sell my digital collectibles on the Fanzone app?

Offer the cards you don’t want. Get FNCs. Buy new ones. Repeat.
Here’s what you’ll learn:
How to offer a card in the Fanzone Marketplace. What is the best prize to set for your card. How to know when a card was sold.
Step 1

Get an overview of all the cards you own in a certain zone by visiting the Collect section and applying the filter My Cards.

Choose the one you would like to sell in the Fanzone Marketplace press Sell.

Step 2

It’s time to give that card a prize!

In our overview section, you’ll find a recommended prize based on market statistics.

Add the prize you want, press Sell, and confirm your choice.

Step 3

Now your card is on the market! In case you want to change its price or cancel the offered sale, just press Edit in the overview.

Step 4

All settled! Now just keep an eye on your Notifications.

You’ll get news whenever another user starts a purchase process and/or buy a card from you.

Well done! You can now sell your first NFT 📈

Try these steps in the Fanzone App [CLICK HERE]

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