How do I receive free Fanzone Credits completing my Missions?

Fanzone Missions are goals you can reach by completing activities in our app. Go for them and get free Fanzone Credits (FNCs)!
Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • What are Fanzone Missions and where to find them.
  • Different Missions you can complete.
  • How Fanzone Credits (FNCs) works.
Step 1

To have a first look at the Fanzone Missions, just open your profile section on the top right corner and click on Wallet.

Step 2

Inside your wallet, you’ll find the Missions section, where you can get to know all of them by Daily, Weekly and Milestones.

As a start you can pick up your first daily login FNCs…

Step 3

Done! You have collected your first FNCs 💸

FNCs have many utilities inside the Fanzone universe: use them on the Marketplace or to revamp your chances in the Penalty Game.

Keep in mind that Fanzone Missions are part of our Career System. Know some more about it by clicking here.

Now, it’s time to have fun and invest your FNCs! 🚀

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If you have further questions, just reach us at

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