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FZ_Logo_Square_io_white was founded in 2020 by Dirk, Claudio and Björn in Berlin as Fanzone Media GmbH and funded by Porsche Ventures in the same year. In June 2021 the FANZONE for Web, iOS and Android app went live with the official Collectible NFTs for the DFB’s German National Football Teams. (more)

We believe in the power and positive impact of fans.

Our mission is to empower fans with emerging technologies to create value and  stronger connections to their favourite teams & stars.

Our progressive blockchain development

With our ECO-NFTs, we make it easy to trade and share.

Advantages based on our NFT Ecosystem:

Our Universal Profiles are created by us for our users without any technical hurdles or knowledge of blockchain right from the FANZONE App. They are based on a standard originally called ERC725 and LUKSO LSP1-3. This way, many different decentral Apps and Pages can display your profile with all collectibles & data fully decentral.

This creates a fully decentralized social network: 

Our NFTs are linked to the real entities, athletes, teams and leagues and their respective universal profiles – using the same technology for profiles the users are having.

Check out an NFT like and see the connected Creators.

Our NFTs are based on an ETH 2.0 Blockchain, saving more than 99% of energy compared to Ethereum. Our NFTs project is built for a high utility, run on a performant but energy efficient Blockchain. For us this means not using Proof-of-Work. Those use at least only 0.1% of the energy of current Ethereum Mainnet NFTs. This is at least 1000 times less, most likely 10 000 times.


We are building and developing with LUKSO, as their vision is highly compatible with ours and the technology is advanced. The LUKSO blockchain is for a new digital economy with physical and digital consumer goods (more info in this Forbes’ interview). They will be public, permissionless and highly decentralized with tens of thousands of possible validator nodes. This guarantees a lifetime availability for all your assets on the Blockchain. It’s all based on ETH 2.0 technology like Casper, fully EVM compatible and open source.

Tech lead Fabian Vogelsteller had the right ideas as author of Web3.js, ERC20 standard, MIST and as Ethereum tech lead. Now LUKSO is once again proposing something even better: through the Universal Profile Standard, LSP1 and ERC725, the Blockchain can become a decentral social network, creating digital reputation without a central instance.

LUKSO is currently running it’s beta network L14 and L15. Their follow plan is to spin up L16 and finally the Mainnet.

So, our NFTs, Universal Profiles for FANZONE users and other smart contracts are also still being deployed on the beta network – and everything owned will be re-deployed on the main net once it’s live.

Once our NFTs are on the main net, we will be able to offer our active users a non-custodian way to handle their Universal Profiles. This way they will be able to offer their NFTs (based on respective laws) on external marketplaces or use their NFTs in compatible applications as well.

Our platform also provides a meta-level gamification layer using leaderboards, special rewards for user achievements as well as an advanced progression system which will be introduced soon. Additionally there will be dedicated mini-games such as a penalty game and other gameplay mechanics such as fantasy sports challenges to give our users compelling utility for their NFTs.

And that users can anytime migrate from custodian to non-custodian by replacing the authorized private key in the Universal Profile. Without shifting the NFTs.

Advantages of our NFT 2.0 standard development together with LUKSO:

  • Each NFT stores it’s unique data, including it’s mint (token) ID, scoring and optional additional ERC725Y smart contract.
  • Upgradeable: Each NFT can be upgraded through various game modes and enhanced by any data.
  • Each NFT stores it’s unique data, including it’s mint (token) ID, scoring and optional additional ERC725Y smart contract.
  • Upgradeable: Each NFT can be upgraded through various game modes and enhanced by any data.

Further advantages of our NFT 2.0 implementation:

Besides the already included batch transfer, there are also even more speeds to synchronize our NFTs through multicall and meta transactions.

If you read until here the details, have also the look into the standard proposal your self:

As well as a implementation of ours in the wild:

Currently we are developing a built-in price and revenue share model within the NFTs for the secondary market. With this new functionality, a life-time revenue share can be distributed to all partners involved in issuing and distributing our NFTs. This way, each NFT can also be offered simultaneously on many marketplaces and external websites & blogs at the same time.



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How it works:
Payments are possible in ETH, BTC, LTC, DAI, USDC, XRP via Coinbase Commerce.
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We will send you the packs as promo codes for packs within two days. You can redeem them all yourself in Web and APP or share them with your family and friends. 

If you make a transfer after the sale has ended or the transfer is still pending after the sale has ended, we will refund you the full amount. 

Founders &


Dirk Weyel
Dirk WeyelCEO & Co-founder
Read More
Built and scaled 5 companies in digital gaming, sports, and blockchain spaces 3 exits; Launched Bayern Munich’s first NFT in 2019
ClaudioCTO & Co-founder
Read More
4+ years Blockchain development;
Björn Hesse
Björn HesseCMO & Co-founder
Read More
Headed a Berlin-based sports marketing company; Former Sports & Media specialist at Twitter; Former Formula E Marketing Country Lead Germany

Our knowledge of blockchain, gaming, fantasy sports, design and social media is channelled in the creation of a blockchain-based platform where fans can exchange digital  collectibles and connect closer with their favourite teams and players.

We are a team of professionals who work together to create a product that our users love. Our diverse expericence, expertise and cultere blend together and create the perfect mix for creativity and
innovation to foster. (more in Porsche Newsroom)

Our official partners

We launched with Germany’s National Football Teams

Men’s Team including: Antonio Rüdiger, Kai Havertz, Manuel Neuer, Jamal Musiala, Thomas Müller, Toni Kroos, … 

Women’s Team including: Alexandra Popp, Laura Beneath, Merle Frohms, Almuth Schult …

The Under 21 Team including: Lukas Nmecha, Jonathan Burkhardt,  … 

1. Bundesliga club and Champions League participant VfL Wolfsburg

As well as the whole “3. Liga,” Germany’s 3rdprofessional football league:
Logo VfL Osnabrueck since 2017.svg  Logo Eintracht Braunschweig.svg Würzburger Kickers Logo.svg TSV 1860 München.svg 1. FC Saarbrücken.svg Logo SV Wehen Wiesbaden.svg SC Verl Logo.svg Svwaldhof.svg Hallescher FC Logo 2012.svg FSV Zwickau Logo.svg 1. FC Magdeburg.svg FC Viktoria Köln 1904 Logo.svg Türkgücü München Logo.svg Logo 1 FC Kaiserslautern.svg Msv duisburg (2017).svg Logo SV Meppen 2019.svg FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin Logo.svg Logo des SC Freiburg Borussia Dortmund logo.svg TSV Havelse logo.svg


Next to club partnerships we have signed with several German former Worldcup and European Championshop winners for our upcoming Legends Collection. First names and more details will be announced very soon!

We also onboarded Handball, this year with the German top club SG Flensburg-Handewitt and more Handball to come next year.

We also will be launching our first Basketball Bundesliga Team in November to accompany our Basketball legend Oscar Schmidt who opened up our Basketball zone already in August (

Even more sports and more international teams are coming. We’re also working on motorsport, eSports and more exciting verticals.

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