Winter Edition 2022

Start your digital trading card collection now with all the Team D heroes, their best moments from Beijing and a limited “Gold Medal” edition.


Official partnership with the German Olympic Sports Confederation

Together with the DOSB, presents next level digital fan engagement.



1 of 1000

Secure all 149 male and female athletes of TEAM D on their way to Olympic medals and complete your “RARE” collection.


1 of 500

On the 49 “EPIC” cards you can expect individual “signature poses” of the athletes who are participating in the Olympics for the second time.


1 of 100

Another 20 “LEGENDARY” cards remind us of the most spectacular gold moments of your German Olympic heroes.

Like back in the days.

250 FNC

5 cards/pack | Only for FANZONE Credits


7 cards/pack | The pack for starters


9 cards/pack | 1x Epic Card guaranteed


11 cards/pack | 2x Epic cards guaranteed


The ultimate NFT platform for all sports fans: FANZONE gives you the opportunity to digitally own your stars and get access to exclusive content/experiences. Collect your favorite athletes and trade them with countless other fans to complete your collection.

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What are NFTs?

NFTs become much easier to understand once you break down the term. “NFT” stands for “non-fungible token.” When something is “non-fungible,” it means it is unique. A “token,” meanwhile, is a digital certificate of authenticity. An NFT, therefore, proves your ownership of an asset that cannot be replicated. When it comes to collectibles, there is simply no higher standard of security and authenticity.

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What’s the Blockchain?

A blockchain is a technical solution for managing data in a distributed infrastructure without a central instance in a traceable and tamper-proof manner by consensus (in agreement). With blockchain technology, it is possible to verify transactions – for example, in payment transactions with cryptocurrencies – in a trustworthy and transparent manner without a central instance.

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Eco NFTs

Our Eco-NFTs consume 99.9% less energy on ETH 2.0 and proof-of-stake blockchains than other NFTs on Ethereum. Our motto is “We believe in the power and positive impact of fans”. That’s why we are currently planting a tree for every complete signup on Trees For The Future.

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Universal Profiles

All active FANZONE users will soon receive a free and public on-chain Universal Profile (ERC725) to share their NFT collections. Through this Universal Profile, all Fanzone NFTs will be displayed publicly for other users to see. All NFTs will also be connected to the Universal Profiles of their athletes and teams.

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Advantages of FANZONE

FANZONE gives you the opportunity to be involved in the career of your favourite athletes and teams and get access to exclusive content and experiences. Collect your stars and trade their digital cards with thousands of other sports enthusiasts to complete your collections.

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From beta to blockchain

FANZONE launched its beta apps for iOS, Android and on the web in 2021, allowing users to trade all digital cards within the community by using Fanzone Credits. In Q1/2022 we’ll go live on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain. This will make FANZONE NFTs tradable on external marketplaces such as OpenSea and later also on the LUKSO Network. More at

FANZONE right at
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