Changelog – Tech Updates in the APP

There is always lot’s of UI fixes happening, her the bigger features & changes.

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This section is for our current users, to see what changed over time. If you want to find out, what Fanzone is: go here.

30. September 2021 – New Home & Live Text updates

‘Great happened under the hood!’

  • The Home section, we call it the ‘zone selection’ was revamped and more infos added (more to come soon.)
  • Live text & translation edits now as HTML, without developers or a new deploy, (Nothing to see for the user, but great for operations.)
  • Malicious users can now be better banned by Customer Support

28. September 2021 – User referral started

  •  Wallet
    • Added beta user referral Link (TBD: who users, who joined through them)
    • Added informational general link to Universal User Profiles
  • While many, many UI fixed come uncommented, the Navigation footer now works on all iOS devices

22. September 2021 – Third Zone launched with sound

  • Zone specific onboarding process though individual links
  • 3. Zone launched: VfL Wolfsburg
  • Collect:
    • A revenue share on the marketplace added
  • Pack Openings now with sound
  • Lots of new zone styling

Multi-Zones started

  • We introduced multiple Zone with a Zone selection for various fan zones.
  • The Zone with a Basketball legend was launched as

Improved in-App Notifications (v2)

  • Notifications and Achievements are now optimised and translated

Multi-Lingual started

  • Language Switcher added
  • German Language added

Speeding Up the system

  • Cards now load 100x times faster

Improved Deployment & QA

  • New versions of the App can now be deployed much faster for Web, iOS & Android
  • In the background we created various development, CI/CD & QA testing environments

Apple iOS in-App Payments added

  • Payments are now also for all users in iOS possible

New Scoring & Leaderboard started

Apps for Google Android & Apple iOS launched

  • Our App was released in the Google Android Store
  • Our App was released in the Apple App Store
  • Payments via Google Android were made possible

Anti-Bot Measurements

  • We added CAPTCHAs for the sign-up and more features against bot-farming harming the community

12. June 2021 – FANZONE Beta APP was released.

  • Release of FANZONE APP Beta with the first zone, the Germany National Football Teams
    • Explore Section for the fist Zone
    • Collection Area for the first Card
      • Filter for Team, Edition, Rarity, Role/Position
      • Sections for ‘My Cards’, ‘All Cards’ and Market
      • ‘Packs’ showing own, unopened packs
    • Play area to come
    • Shop with the first packs
      • Payments via Crypto
    • Activity & Notifications 1.0
      • With Daily rewards for login and some activities
    • Wallet/Account
      • Profile information
      • Status of Fanzone Credits
      • Further Links
    • Sign-up with E-Mail and a custom login code (with some technical troubles)

As you know, we are a startup, having a long list of features in our backlog, developing together with our community and having bold plans. Not everything is perfect from day one, we believe in incremental improvements and are thankful for our developers and user community accepting this.