Own the very first digital collectibles (NFTs) of Andreas Brehme. Legendary in Italy and most famous for scoring the game winning goal for Germany in the 1990 World Cup Final.


FANZONE digital trading cards are unique NFTs on the blockchain and are only available in limited numbers. Together with exclusive partners from various sports you can build your collection.


Weekly raffles and competitions add excitement. Play mini-games and participate in fantasy sports challenges to get rare cards and rewards (coming soon).


Build your collection by buying cards with the potential to increase in value and sell them on the marketplace to profit from the gains.

Do Good

Your activity in the app helps support selected sustainable sports and environmental projects.


SG Flensburg Handewitt

Why Blockchain?


The blockchain makes it possible for anyone to see who owns an NFT and how much it is worth at all times.


Tokenized cards can not be copied, faked, or revoked – not even by us. You are the owner until you sell.


If a card you own has increased in value, you can sell it for a profit on the marketplace in the FANZONE App


Trade cards and play games whenever, wherever, and with whomever in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Our Team

We’ve combined our expertise in sports, blockchain, gaming and design to build a unique NFT platform: FANZONE. Together, we give sports fans a way to trade digital trading cards and connect with their favorite teams and players like never before.
Our mission: Next-level fan experience.
Want to be part of the team? We can’t wait to hear from you at
We are a team of professionals who work together to create a product that our users love. Our diverse expericence, expertise and cultere blend together and create the perfect mix for creativity and innovation to foster.

Our knowledge of blockchain, gaming, fantasy sports, design and social media is channelled in the creation of a blockchain-based platform where fans can exchange digital trading cards and connect closer with their favourite teams and players.

Wanna be part of this exciting team? Get in contact here, we are always looking for exciting people.

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Card Packs and FNCs will be added to your Account a couple of days later. A FANZONE team member will contact you, to make sure that the reward is added to the correct account.
Yes, each time the user has a correct prediction when participating in Discord they have the chance to win one of the packs!
In the near future fans will be able to use their cards in fantasy sports challenges (coming soon). During the European Championships we will do challenges on all Germany gamedays on Discord, in the predictions channel.
Yes, that is why our cards are also ERC725 and LSP4 compatible. The technical basis is given to offer them also on external marketplaces for sale and purchase in the future. In addition, our NFTs are also compatible with the so-called “User Profiles” – so you as a user can have access to it with your keys. We would like to test this action with users first – so please give us some time, a few months, until the NFTs will launch on the upcoming LUKSO Mainnet and can be sold on various markets.
We are continuously looking for new partners to add to our collections! So stick around for details and updates. Once contracts are finalized, we will announce the new partners. To start off, we are happy to partner with the German Football Association (DFB) to create player cards (NFTs) with Germany’s Men’s National Team, Women’s National Team and Under 21 Team.

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