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Collect, play, and trade digital cards of your favourite players from the German National Teams secured as NFTs on the blockchain.

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What is FANZONE?

The platform for next-level fan experiences: Engage with your favourite football stars like never before by owning them as your personal NFTs.

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Build up your collection of player cards and climb the leaderboard.


Compete in fantasy
sports challenges to earn rare cards and rewards (coming soon).


Acquire player cards with potential and sell when they’ve increased in value.


Your fan activity will support sustainable sports and environmental projects.

Remember the buzz of collecting trading cards as a kid? So do we. That is why we are bringing it back – this time you can build your collection digitally and secured on the LUKSO blockchain.

We have partnered with the German Football Association (DFB) to launch signature card collections of Germany’s Men’s, Women’s and Under 21 National Teams. Strengthen your digital deck by competing for cards in fantasy games or being a savvy trader. If the demand for your cards is high, you will directly benefit from their increase in value.

We’re just getting started.

We’re kicking off the FANZONE project with football trading cards. But we won’t stop here. We are getting ready to add more zones soon.

What other trading card zone would you love to collect and trade on FANZONE?

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Why Blockchain?


Digital trading cards on the blockchain means NFTs with transparent value and rarity. Easily retrace when a card has been traded by whom.


Tokenized cards can not be copied, faked, or revoked – not even by us. You are the owner until you sell.


Have a card that increased value over time? Sell it to profit from the appreciation. You can easily offer it through the Fanzone app.


Trade cards and play games whenever, wherever, and with anyone in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Meet the team

We are using our professional experiences in blockchain, gaming, fantasy sports and social media to connect fans through blockchain-based digital trading cards with their favourite teams and players.

Our mission, our values, our team: We’re here to bring fan engagement to the next level.

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When will I get my pack if won during a contest/raffle?

The card packs will be added to the user accounts until Friday, July 2nd, 2021.

Can users win more than once?

Yes, each time the user has a correct prediction when participating in Discord they have the chance to win one of the packs!

How will fantasy game challenges work?

In the near future fans will be able to use their cards in fantasy sports challenges (coming soon). During the European Championships we will do challenges on all Germany gamedays on Discord, in the predictions channel.

Will these cards be tradeable outside of the FANZONE app in the future?

Yes, that is why our cards are also ERC725 and LSP4 compatible. The technical basis is given to offer them also on external marketplaces for sale and purchase in the future. In addition, our NFTs are also compatible with the so-called “User Profiles” - so you as a user can have access to it with your keys. We would like to test this action with users first - so please give us some time, a few months, until the NFTs will launch on the upcoming LUKSO Mainnet and can be sold on various markets.

What sports will FANZONE be supporting?

We are continuously looking for new partners to add to our collections! So stick around for details and updates. Once contracts are finalized, we will announce the new partners. To start off, we are happy to partner with the German Football Association (DFB) to create player cards (NFTs) with Germany's Men's National Team, Women's National Team and Under 21 Team.

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